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Latest news from the Cub Pack – January, February & March 2019

I write this having just come back from ‘Wake Up Weekend’; tents are drying over the banisters and a slight smell of wood smoke fills the house! This was our annual Renewal of Promise ceremony, held at Belchamps and including an Activity Day and Overnight Camp. The weekend also included hail, clear skies and very low temperatures! Well done to all the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders who joined us – I didn’t hear one moan as they all set about enjoying the variety of inflatables, climbing, archery, assault course, go-karts etc etc. This is what Scouting is all about, giving young people the chance to get outdoors and challenge themselves, while learning ‘Skills for Life’.

Another highlight of the term was our District Swimming Gala, held at Garons Pool. Our Cubs swam incredibly – everyone reached their final and then were placed in the top three, meaning that when all the points were added up we were awarded the District trophy. A very exciting evening.

We have also been busy during our regular meetings at the Community Centre. We have practised some ‘home skills’ making cups of tea and sandwiches, washing-up, ironing and polishing brass. Learnt about the history of the Royal Navy and its involvement with Sea Scouts and, of course, made presents for our mums for Mothering Sunday.


Latest news from the Cub Pack, November & December.

The Pack has enjoyed its usual varied program; we learnt about the Mexican festival, the Day of the Dead, doing crafts and games with the Beavers and also celebrated the very English Guy Fawkes Night with a bonfire and fireworks at our Sea HQ.

November of course, was the month when everyone marked the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and the whole Scout Group attended the local Remembrance Sunday Parade while the Cubs also made poppies to decorate a Christmas Wreath. Central to the Cub program is “thinking of others” and the Pack decided they wanted to hold a Coffee Evening to raise funds for MENCAP. Our Team Leaders lead the way and organised some fun games and, with the support of parents, grandparents and friends from the community, we were able to raise a fantastic £135.70. Sports-wise we welcomed a visit from Meridian Kung Fu when the children were able to practise the discipline and self-defence of Chinese martial arts. Thank you Martin, we all had a really good time. And then the term was finished off with a Carol Service and Christmas Party.

Reading all this you may get the impression that Cub Scouting is all about having fun and, whilst this is important, the children are also learning “skills for life” and earning badges at the same time. So this term we were especially proud that four of our eldest Cubs gained their Chief Scout’s Silver Awards, the highest award in the Cub program, CONGRATULATIONS to those cubs.


Latest news from the Cub Pack, October 2018.

The hot, dry summer continued long enough for us to enjoy the annual Family Fun Day at our Sea HQ. Lots of families turned up and it was great to see people of all ages savouring their time out on the water. This was followed up, a couple of days later, with a BBQ and games at East Beach with the Scouts.

We were also lucky enough to be invited to join the Scout’s Summer Camp at Thriftwood. After being worried that the ground would be too hard to bang a tent peg in and the sun too hot to relish the active program planned, the weather proved changeable; we even woke up to a thunderstorm one day! However the rain cleared each morning and the afternoons were warm and dry and filled with raft building, fire lighting, cooking and kayaking. A big thank you to our Scout Leaders and those of 1st Shoebury for including us and making us feel so welcome.

Since being back in September, we have had an evening of team building games, a night hike, a visit from 4th Thorpe Bay Cubs and a night-time nature walk at Belfairs Woods. We will finish this half term with an evening at Bounce Village – where we will say “Goodbye” to our Sixers as they continue their scouting journey into Scouts.

This does of course mean that we may have some spaces available so if you know an 8 or 9 year old who likes to try new things give me a ring on 218122.


Latest News from the Cub Pack, July 2018

We started back after Easter with an Activity Day at Belchamps; as the whole of the site was booked-out to our District the Cubs were able to go from activity to activity, only reporting back to camp for refreshments and a rest! The day drew to a close with a campfire and Renewal of Promise before the parents arrived to collect their tired, muddy children.
The next few weeks were spent at the Community Centre learning about St George, Global Issues, how to tie lashings and pitch tents. We also celebrated the Royal Wedding at the beach with a sandcastle competition and hot chocolate.
After the half term break we were on the go again with a District Athletics evening, followed, the next weekend, by Belchamps’ Super Summer Sleepover. If you thought the Cubs were weary after the Activity Day, add into the mix, a midnight lights-out and a 4 o’clock dawn chorus with temperatures rising during the afternoon to 24°C and you’ll begin to get some idea of their energy reserves! Well done guys – you gave everything your best and were a credit to Scouting.
We’re nearly at the end of term now; we had a water fight last week and are looking forward to a Family Fun Day at our Sea HQ this weekend. Still to come, a BBQ with the Scouts and, for a few of our older Cubs, a few days at scout camp during August.
At the time of writing we have one more space in Cubs for September so if you’re tempted to join us give me a ring on 218122.


Apart from a visit to the Fire Station not much out and about this term. Oh and an evening of ten pin bowling at the Kursaal with the Scouts!

However, while we’ve been inside we’ve completed our Musician’s badge – we made up a Stomp using saucepans, washing up bowls, plastic boxes and wooden spoons, which we then performed to the Beavers along with some energetic campfire songs! We have made chocolate truffles for Mothering Sunday and came second in the District Quiz.

Highlight of the term was a trip to the Palace Theatre to watch the Gang Show. A masterclass in Variety, it included superb singing, dazzling dancing, clever comedy and a Stomp so slick, they must have rehearsed it solidly for six months. And all this with a local cast of Scouts and Guides; I can’t wait for the next one.

This term will finish (and the next one will begin) with a Saturday at Belchamps, enjoying just some of the activities the campsite has on offer. At the time of writing, we have got 2 spaces available in the Pack, so if you know an 8 or 9 year old with the energy to join us, give me a ring on 218122.

The winter term was very successful for the Cub Pack – not only did we win the District Swimming Gala but our Christmas tree collected the most votes in the U.M.C’s Christmas Tree Festival (thank you to everyone who voted for us). Other highlights included a cycle maintenance workshop at Halfords and a football skills evening at G.W.P.A. Two of our eldest Cubs also ran a very well planned meeting with a Bonfire/Fireworks theme which earnt them their Personal Challenge and we are really pleased to be able to report that Jamie Kent was awarded his Chief Scout’s Silver Award, the highest award in the Cub program. Well done Jamie!

We finished the term by taking part in the District Carol Service, a very Cub-centred service complete with Pass the Parcel during the singing of the Carols. And then a rather unusual final meeting….shortly after the start of the meeting a Detective came into the room to say that a “body” had been discovered in the main hall and the Cubs were needed to help solve the case! After a quick training the Cubs donned paper CSI suits and set to work gathering clues, evidence and DNA. A fingerprint workshop followed and soon they were able to piece together the clues and figure out “who dun it”. Great fun!

2018 continues the fun with more partying @ the Fun Factory! Needless to say, the Pack is full at the moment but if you want to ask about our waiting list give me a ring on 218122.


Thanks to the warm autumn weather the Pack has been able to continue to get out and about. We finished off our Naturalist badges with another visit to the Common to check out how the trees, flowers, insect and bird life had changed from our previous walks. And four valiant Cubs (and parents) joined dozens of others on a Seafront Ramble for Children In Need, walking all the way from Southchurch Park to Two Tree Island. Well done everyone and I must also add a “thank you” to our Scout Leaders who accompanied them.

Another well attended event was the Vulcan Open Day where the organisers laid on lots of extras to enable the Cubs to gain their Air Activities Badge. As well completing worksheets we were given tours round the outside and inside of the Vulcan – very exciting!

Also on the badge front we have held a Collectors Evening when the children displayed and talked about their collections to the other Cubs and parents. The subjects were diverse from Pokémon cards and football medals to stamps, crystals, and model aircraft but the prize for the hugest collection must go to George and his army of Action Men!

Our joint meeting with the Scouts at Bounce Village was an energetic affair but equally, bitter sweet as we said “Goodbye” to seven of our oldest Cubs who moved up to Sea Scouts. We are now looking to appoint new Sixers and Seconds and, at the time of writing, have a couple of spaces, so if you know anyone who might like to join us, get in touch on 218122.


A quick look at what the Cubs have been up to this term (Summer 2017)

➢ Attended Renewal of Promise @ Belchamps
➢ Pond dipped and been on Nature Walks as part of their Naturalist badge
➢ Slept (hardly) @ The Fun Factory
➢ Demonstrated Martial Arts
➢ Taken part in Rochford’s Heritage Walk
➢ Tackled Athletics badge
➢ Been Pirates at our themed weekend Camp
➢ Talked about Water safety and enjoyed a fabulous Sunday afternoon on the boats

Next on the agenda – relax!

Cub Meetings restart again in September and, at the time of writing, will have 2 spaces! So to join us, ring me on 218122

One of the first jobs in 2017 was to present the whole Pack with their Cubs 100 Challenge badge. We allowed ourselves a few moments to reflect on everything we had achieved in our birthday year….. before we were off again – this time our sights were set on the Naturalist badge. So far we have made bird cake, learnt to recognise birds so we could take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch and studied the Country Code. The lighter evenings will see us out and about covering the final requirements.

Part of the Our World Challenge asks us to ‘find out about a faith, other than your own’ and in February the Pack did just that at a fascinating visit to Westcliffe Synagogue. We have also attended Chef School at the Toby Carvery, to find out about healthy veg, and Firing Imaginations where we painted gifts for Mothering Sunday.

Special mention must go to four of our Cubs who have been working on their Team Leader Challenge. They decided they wanted to raise some money for Canine Partners so they planned and took charge of an evening of fund-raising games (pin the tail on the dog, guess where the dog hid his bone etc, etc). The Beavers were invited as well; we all had a lively time and ended up sending a cheque for £80.03! Excellent job boys, those badges are well deserved.

The term has now finished, with a compass trail around the village and all groups finding their stash of Easter Eggs. We look forward to a new term which will include a Sleepover at the Fun Factory and Summer Camp at Belchamps


More News from the Cub Pack, Jan 2017

November and December saw lots of get-togethers for the Pack. We arranged a basketball session @ Garons and invited the Scouts to join us while we ‘wore dots and raised lots’ for the RNIB. Our meeting with the Beavers was on Nov 3rd, which of course had a sparkler and rocket theme. Remembrance Sunday was a more solemn occasion but we were really proud of their behaviour as we were with our performance at the District Swimming Gala when we clinched 3rd place. And, as predicted, 2016 finished on a high note with all the Cubs of the District invited to a party at the Fun Factory. In the midst of all the noise, everything paused at 19:16 while Cubs all over the country re-newed their promise, celebrating the fact that 100 years ago the Wolf Cub program was rolled out in response to the demand by boys too young to become Boy Scouts. The rest, as they say, is history…….

News from the Cub Pack, Oct 2016

Welcome back to a new term – as the year continues, the number of challenges we have completed increases, but it’s going to be touch and go as to whether we make the 100 within the year. Most recent ones have been ‘eating 100 Jaffa cakes in 100 seconds’ and 100 bounces @ Bounce Village (not at the same time). One of the last ones will be getting together with the other Packs in the District and renewing our Promise at 19:16 in the evening (1916 was the year Cubs began).

2015cu-as-disFollowing the buzz from the Paralympics the Pack have also been working on their Disability Awareness badge and have learnt how to write their name in Braille and how to sign it using BSL. Hopefully by the time you read this we will be proudly wearing the badge on our arms.

Next weekend we are looking forward to gathering at Belchamps for a colossal Wide Game, followed by hot dogs and a campfire. We have also got joint meetings with both the Beavers and the Scouts coming up and of course the annual Swimming Gala in November.

As we are not expecting to have any spaces within the next 12 months we have had to close our waiting list but if you want to ring me on 218122, I can put you in touch with other Cub Packs in the area.