Cubs 100 – 2016


In 2016 we will commemorate one hundred years of the Cub Scout section with local and national celebrations. To help you celebrate we’ve produced four resource packs full of programme ideas and activities to help you make the most of this amazing year. They’re designed to support different events and opportunities throughout 2016, as well as offering a whole years worth of programme ideas that you can use in your Pack.


100 Basketball pointsIce 100 cakes
100 Cart wheelsCelebrate the Queens birthday
100 SparklersVisit pets at home
Eat 100 MarshmallowsPolish 100 shoes
Gobal ChallangeLearn the Essex centenary cub scout song
Teamwork ChallangeCarry out 100 good turns
Adventure ChallangeWrite your name using your non writing hand
History of ScoutingCubs to complete there own 100 challenge tasks
Remembrance PromiseToss a pancake 100 times as a pack
Salt doughThrow 100 snow balls
100 KnotsLearn facts about Lord Baden Powell
100 RoundersVisit a police/fire/RNLI/ambulance station
100 Lengths of a swimming poolTry a new sporting activity
Malteasers Puzzle Play a new pack game
Fruit and veg quizAttend a Renewal of promise event
Sea HQ safety rulesSpeak in front of your pack for 100 seconds
DIY badgeBake and sell 100 cakes
Time on the water badgeSew on 100 buttons
Nights away badgeCollect 100 used stamps and donate to charity
Athlete badgeAttend a centenary celebration even in your area
Swimmer badgeHold a joint evening with another pack/section
PicnicCollect 100 cubs/leaders signatures
1000m runTake part in a camp fire with 100 cubs
Collect 100 tinsSwap a badge with another cub or leader
Take part in a fire drillTake part in an obstacle course
Eat 100 Jaffa cakes in 100 secondsMake your own star constellation
100 CrunchiesLearn how to pitch a tent
New game - BocciaTake part in throwing 100 water bombs
100 bouncesBuild a bug hotel
400m in 6 minutesWrite your name in another language
fancy dressTake part in 100m race
BrailDonate an unwanted toy to a charity
British sign language Eat a doughnut in 100 seconds with out licking your lips
Blind folded dodge ballTake part in a treasure hunt in your local area
Canine partnersLearn how to roll your group scarf
100 flower arraignment Take part in night hike for up to a 100 minutes
100 Pokemon pointsCook 100 sausage on a fire
Carry a bucket of water for 100 minuitesHold a 100th birthday part and have 100 baloons
Make 100 craft itemsMake 100 linked paper chains
Move 100 peas using chopsticks Make a picture using 100 thumb prints
Complete Christmas story timeCollect 100 items to donate to the shoebox appeal
100 death slidesMake your own exploding volcano
Be bright be seenTry eating a festive food item
Fire 100 arrowsPop 100 ballons
Answer 100 quiz questions
Spent 100 minutes at Gang Show
Take part in partnership competition
Tackle a new badge
Easter egg hunt