Our Group

Our group was founded in 1964 as a Land Scout group or Tree Scouts as we call them. In 1976 it was decided to change over to a Sea Scout group, as it seemed more appropriate considering how much water was nearby. As a Sea Scout group we not only work together to achieve badges we also get to enjoy maritime activities like kayaking, sailing, raft building and boating during the summer.

Originally there were four Scout groups in Wakering but over time we have become the last remaining group. Even then we are combination of1st Great Wakering and 2nd Great Wakering, which happened in “2005/6”. Not all Scouts know the history of their group but we are lucky in the Southend district because some of the leaders remember the Wakering groups from their very beginning some were even in Scouts when our sea HQ was built.

Our sea wall Scout hut was built in 1981-1983 and we make sure to look after it. Once a year we host an open day there where we cook up some food and show friends and family our skills and spend time on the water. We have the ability to store our boats and kayaks there meaning that we can go out on the water whenever we want, tide permitting. If you’d like to know more about our sea wall hut please have a look at this link Great Wakering Scouts History

If you’d like to join us for Beavers, Cubs or Scouts or tell us about your experiences as a past Scout in our group please contact our leaders on the get in touch page.